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Babyfoot Fire

Babyfoot Fire

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The original mysterious black box that brings the campfire safely indoors.  A no smoke, no odor, no hassle fire that brightens up a room in seconds.  Babyfoot Fire (BFF) burns Isopropyl Alcohol which is available at most grocery or hardware stores.  Babyfoot Fire includes Bigfoot Firestones which are hand-cast using refractory cement so it allows the stones to be placed directly in the fuel and creates a more varied flame pattern.  BFF will burn for approximately 45 minutes and once cooled can be used over and over.  Included lids (choose logo or no logo) are great for extinguishing a fire early or as a trivet to protect heat sensitive tables.   Babyfoot fire is hand-cast from a rustic burned (sho sugi ban) wooden box using a proprietary refractory cement.  Variations in width, size and color are common - no two BFFs will be the same.  Logo lids are slightly smaller in design than non logo lids. 

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