About Us

We are all about the Pacific Northwest campfire experience.  We started building burned cedar fire tables in the fall of 2018.  We named our first table Bigfoot Fire Table in honor of the Bigfoot tree carving that keeps a watchful eye on us from the woods.  One day, a Mini-Me little owl landed on the carving and the two of them stared at us until we got the message that it was time to make a smaller model that you could take anywhere.  That very day the Littlefoot  prototype was built and became a fan favorite at horse shows and campgrounds (especially during burn bans).  Then one winter when it was just too cold to sit outside by the fire so we decided to bring the campfire indoors.  We created Babyfoot Fire,  a table top fire pit that burns rubbing alcohol.  Babyfoot Ring of Fire was our first artist collaboration and Babyfoot Bangkok is our newest Babyfoot, cast from a family heirloom Thai mortar.  All of our fire-pits come with Bigfoot Firestones, hand cast beach stones made for extreme heat with refractory cement.  We've sold a few thousand fire-pits now and are in over 20 countries.  We look forward to sending you one direct from our small shop on Vashon Island, Washington.

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Phone: 2066508817
Email: info@FuryCove.com
Address: 16333 115th Ave SW, Vashon Island, WA


One of the great trading routes of the Northwest is the famed Inside Passage that runs from Washington State thru Canada and into Alaska.  This stunningly beautiful waterway is protected from the North Pacific with nearly 800 miles of safe passage.  It's littered with jaw dropping waterfalls, breaching Humpback whales and black bears that roam the beaches at low tide.  There is one point, however, where one must leave the safety of the passage and head into the unprotected ocean to round a dangerous point of land aptly named Cape Caution. Just past that cape is Fury Island.  With it’s back to the angry ocean, the island's inner core reveals a hidden jewel of the Inside Passage - Fury Cove.  It's calm waters and white shell beaches have hosted centuries of traders.  Native people and First Nations gathered in Fury Cove for safety, trade and fellowship.  Even today you may find a small landing craft sheltering for the night, laden with fresh fruit and vegetables for the communities of the inside passage.  We learned of Fury Cove several decades ago while navigating a small inflatable boat through the Inside Passage on our way to Alaska.  It's a special place and has lingered in our imagination ever since.  At FuryCove.com we are all about rustic, rugged and rare goods of the Pacific Northwest.  We are based on Vashon Island in Washington State.