Handmade Legacy Fire Pits

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I love mine so much. Use it on the table at dinner, in my office on cold dark days and the best of all on the bathroom counter while soaking in the bathtub! Rebecca B

We love ours and our friends love theirs, too! Thanks for creating such a great product. Two thumbs up!! Jim S

What an awesome product! My daughters and I all love our Babyfoot Fire Burners. Thanks so much for a great product and incredible customer service. Can’t wait to see what your next campaign is. Charles I

I got mine yesterday! Love Love Love it!!! Rellie

Works great! And the Kitchen table s’mores were delicious! Kyle C

Amazing. Thank you for being the best kick starter project I have backed!! And I love my baby foot!!💖 Kat J

Great job! Love my BFF! Worth it in every way…have a great summer! Ron D

Love it! Works perfectly. Great job! Jonathan F

This baby fire pit is absolutely awesome! I just got it today and burned my first 1/2 cup of 91% alcohol through it. Beyond the beautiful aesthetics of the stones, pit and flame, my favorite part has to be the auditory flicking of the flames as they dance around the stones. It’s very reminiscent of a nice relaxing camp fire. You guys did a great job! 😄 Brent B

Arrived today. Could not be more pleased. Very nice indoor flame! Ken K

Oooooohh... essential oils can be used with it!!! You just made a great product even better for me! :) Trina H

Received my babyfoot today! Seriously amazed at the quality and detail. Already had our first fire this evening. Table top didn’t get very warm at all - just about the same as having a hot plate on top of a pot holder. Think I’ll be using this every day! Josh T

I received mine today. What a quality product. Absolutely love the lid. Kudos! Bobby m

You perfectly described it in campaign and I’m delighted to have a Babyfoot to enjoy and share ❤️🔥 Brandee L

This little guy certainly” lights my fire”.....thanks Little Foot! Nice job and the miniature marsh mellows are so much fun to roast. Kristine W

Congratulations on your success!!! We love our Baby Big Foot! . Can’t wait to put in another order. Kim S

I can attest to the excellent customer service with a personal touch! Super happy with my BFF in my apartment! Jennifer D

Awesome! Great job!

I’ve only used mine once so far, but I love it. 

I sent one to my parents the other day and they got it today. Mom said “this is sooo cool” and she hasn’t even used it yet. She said she wants to try it outside the 1st time, but not sure why. And she already wants to get one for her sister for her birthday :-) Rachel

I can attest to the excellent customer service with a personal touch! Super happy with my BFF in my apartment! Jennifer D

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